Teams of up to 5 students compete to accomplish robotics missions using autonomous robots. Game especially puts math skills to the test.

  • Jr. Division: 5th ~ 8th grades
  • Sr. Division: 9th ~ 12th grades

2021 Game Archive "StackRolls"

Official Rules and Related Documents:

StackRolls Rules:   PDF   |   PPTX   (New FAQs - Released 3/31/21)

StackRolls Score Sheet:   PDF  |   Word   (updated 1/21/21)

Demonstration Videos:  Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3  |  Demo 4  |  

Judging Information:

ROWC Location Head Judge Pre-Event Checklist (Online Format):    PDF

 Presentation Slides for Judge Training (PDF / PPTX)

Judge Training Webinar Recording

 Sample Unknown Factor and Tasks (UTF) Handouts - for unveiling Unknown Factors and End Task for a round (Jr / Sr)

Prior Versions of Rules:

Kickoff StackRolls Rules:   PDF   |   PPTX  

GAME WARMUP EVENT - Saturday, March 13  Video


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