Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ideal team size? - In order to maximize students' learning, we recommend 2 ~ 3 students per robot. Maximum team size is 5 for Game and Exhibition.

  • How often and for how long do teams typically meet in preparation for the competition? - Teams can practice anywhere, even at home because the playing field is portable and modular. If they have some experience, we recommend one two hour meeting per week in January. Two meetings per week for a month until the qualifying competition.

  • Is it comparable to preparation for the FIRST Lego League season? - Since Robofest does not have extra tasks like a research presentation, it will be about 2/3 of FLL efforts. Robofest is a great opportunity to learn more about the computer programming part.

  • Is Robofest a single season-end competition, or are there multiple events in which teams can participate? - A team can participate in only one on-site qualifying competition. A team can also re-register for the Video Qualifier or Michigan Invitational events if they wish to attempt a higher score to advance to the Robofest World Championship in May. Open Cateory events will also take place during the World Championship.

  • Are the age divisions of 4th ~ 8th grades for Parade, 5th ~ 8th grades for Junior and 9th ~ 12th grades for Senior merely a recommendation? Is there a clearly defined age cut-off date? Can younger, advanced kids participate? - Playing up or down requires the submission of age division waiver request (completed on the registraiton page) and LTU Robofest organizer's permission.

  • What is the Robofest Exhibition? - The Exhibition is an opportunity for students to demonstrate any type of robotics project. Robots can solve humantarian missions, dance, play the piano, make hamburgers, play soccer, etc. We encourage full creativity.

  • How does the unveiled unknown task/problem in the Game category work? - A portion of the Game Category tasks are unveiled on the day of the competition prior to each round. Students must program their robots without adult assistance after the unveiled tasks are announced. Thus, adults are not allowed in the team pit area throughout the competition day.

  • I am a coach who has competed before and I am interested in taking my team to a higher programming level. I am not familiar with any of the higher levels (C or Java). Can you help me with a source of training or instruction that will aid me? - Lawrence Technological University will schedule a series of workshops starting in January to help students and coaches. Also, join the eNews list to hear about our Webinars. Also visit our Tech Resources.

  • I would like to start a neighborhood team to compete in Robofest. Does a team have to be from a school? - Robofest encourages all types of teams; home schools, charter schools, private schools, public schools, neighborhood groups, civic groups, clubs, churches, scouts, etc.

  • Can a team enter more than one category? - Yes, a team can choose to participate in Game and Exhibition, but if a team wishes to compete in multiple categories, we recommend registering at separate qualifiers or through Video Submission due to time constraints at the qualifier.

  • Can a coach have multiple teams at a site? - Yes.

  • Can a coach have multiple coach IDs? - Yes.

  • Can a team member join more than one team? - It may be possible if the coach thinks the student can handle multiple tasks. However, in general, it is not recommended. There may be time conflicts during the competition.


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