Robofest Mission

  • Generate excitement and interest among young people for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), AI and Computer Science
  • Develop essential skills such as teamwork, leadership, creativity, communication and problem solving
  • Prepare students to excel in higher education and technological careers

What makes Robofest programs unique?

Look Mom, No Hands!: Students must fully program their robots to perform their missions without human assistance. No joysticks or remote controls are allowed.

Your Mission, If You Decide to Accept It: Is (partly) unknown or dynamic. Students must program their robots to accomplish tasks in a dynamic environment.

Students Rule: While adult mentorship is encouraged, students design, construct and program the robots, and adult coaches are not allowed to assist during the competition.

It's Flexible: Any type of robot kit, materials, actuators, and sensors are allowed. Robots can be programmed with any programming language.

Affordable: Team registration is $75 per team. Reusing parts and old kits is encouraged. Teams can be formed by any organization, school, home schools, clubs or civic group.

Everyone is Recognized: All registered participants receive personalized medals and certificates. Winners of the qualifying and championship rounds receive trophies and LTU Scholarship Certificates for up to $17,000 annualy. Participants who enroll at Lawrence Technological University can apply for $3,000 LTU renewable scholarships.

Something for Everyone:  Robofest offers a wide variety of programs that fit many robotics experience levels and interests.  Advanced or novice, we have something for you!

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