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ARISE-TM-2008-1 - CBL: Learning through Competitions - Competition-Based Learning (CBL)
ARISE-TM-2011-1 - LBA: Learning By Authoring, a new pedagogy in learning
ARISE-TM-2011-2 - Energy Consumption difference for NXT robots with varying mobile platforms
ARISE-TM-2011-3 - Evaluating the Long-term Impact of Robofest since 1999
ARISE-TM-2015-1 - An Experimental Study on Pixy CMUcam5 Vision Sensor
ARISE-TM-2018-1 - Move Your Body, Animate the Movement, and Learn Computer Science
ARISE-TM-2019-1 - Accuracy of Timers made in various programming languages


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CJ Chung, RoboParade - An opportunity to develop your imagination while having fun!, Robot Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, pp78-79
Noah E. Crocker, Robofest 2011 Vision Centric Challenge (VCC) Update!, Robot Magazine, Nov/Dec 2011, pp. 80-83
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CJ Chung, The Global Robotics Art Festival (GRAF) - Robotics Artistry Through STEM, Robot Manazine, July/August 2014, pp. 60-62
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Rick Coscarelli, Robotics - A Path to Success!, Robot Magazine, Sep/Oct 2015, pp54-56
Rick Coscarelli, 16th Annual Robofest World Championship, Robot Magazine, Sep/Oct 2015, pp28-31
Rick Coscarelli, WRO - Dive for pearls, find the treasure, and climb the mountains, Robot Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015, pp54-58

Laura Layton Strom, From Bugbots to Humonoids - Robotics, Schockwave Science, Scholastic, Page 27 introduces Robofest
Macomb Community College, Lorenzo Cultural Center 2010 program
IEEE 100th Anniversary - Robofest Competition Event, 2011

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Bill King, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan backs Lawrence Tech Robofest; University trains teachers in robots, LTU TechNews, Feb 16, 2000, page 1 and 8

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