MathDance: Learning Computer Science with Physical Activities and Animation

A STEaM Program integrating Computer Science, Math, Dance, Music, Arts, and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. CJ Chung, Professor of Computer Science at Lawrence Technological University
Email: cchung at LTU dot edu

Physical Activities include:

In 2017-18 as a part of HHMI CRE project, Lawrence Technological University / Robofest launched CS+PA (learn Computer Science with Physical Activities), an innovative program in which K-12 students learn physical activities such as mathematical dance, and then learn to animate photographs of themselves dancing using SCRATCH. Some example student project videos are:

In 2018, we extended MathDance to animate photographs of themselves dancing to the music they composed & created using Scrtach programming. This program was also sponsored by HHMI/CRE and some example videos are:

We will be teaching students to code VEX IQ robots to do the same dance using Scrtach like "Robot Mesh" language. -- Delayed due to the pandemic.

Instead, ML (Machine Learning) was added.

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