Robofest 2012 Game - R2R (Robots To the Rescue) FAQs and Rule Clarifications

Q1. A robot returns home after retrieving balls from the buildings (so the robot has balls). Can we touch the robot to reconfigure/reposition/select different program while at home, before taking the ball to the hospital box?


But remember: ball is a part of the playing field. Any ball that returns with the robot to Home Base must not be touched or moved relative to the robot during reconfiguration or repositioning of the robot. If touch or moved, judges will reset the ball onto the building, and the robot should be restarted.

Q2. Can a player reset the playing field?

No. It must be done by Judges only. Remember: you will be asked to restart, if you touch any part of the playing field. The touched part must be reset by Judges.

Q3. Minimum weight of two buildings is 1.5kg. Does the hospital box have a minimum weight?

No. It is unknown and very light. If moved, the team can ask to reset when the robot is restarted at home base.

Q4. (Senior Division only) How high y can be?

The height of the objects that holds the table will be between 4.5cm ~ 9cm. The thickness of the table is around 4.5cm. So the range of y is 9cm ~ 13.5cm. The official 1.21 version says 9cm ~ 20cm. The range is now reduced.