Robofest 2011
Video Regional

Last Updated: 4-7-11

List of Advanced Teams to Video Regional

Notes to BTOS Game Teams

Notes to Exhibition Teams or RoboFashion & Dance Show teams

Notes to all the Team Coaches and Teams

Notes to Teams that need hotel accommodations in Southfield, Michigan

We recommend these hotels that are adjacent to our campus: Comfort Suites, Southfield, MI or Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Southfield, (248) 350-2400 (877) 863-4780 (248) 350-8771 (Fax)

Call News Media!!!

We need to recognize students' achievement in science and engineering fields. Each team's achievement is remarkable and needs to be celebrated! If you have any media contacts please call them to publicize your team's achievements. Please call TV stations, newspapers, and other news media and invite them to come to Michigan Robofest Championship.

Any questions, please email to [email protected] or visit