Robofest 2011 at IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition)

Last Updated: 5-18-11

TARDEC Joint Center for Robotics invited Robofest to have a competition during IGVC ( We will have Block the Oil Spill (BTOS) game, Jr. Sumo, Sr. nVn Sumo, and Sr. Vision Centric L2Bot Challenge competitions. Robofest teams are encouraged to visit College IGVC Robotics teams. Teams will have chance to see demos of various Field  & TARDEC robots. We also plan to have a demonstrations of what is believed to be the world's first Hexapod Robot Sumo.

Location & Venue

Schedule (Tentaive)

Date Time Events
Sat, June 4 1:00pm-5pm Team Check-in, Setup, and Test
Jr. Sumo and nVn Sumo Tournament
Introduction to Robofest (3pm)
BIOLOID Hexapod Sumo Demonstration (3:20pm)
Sun, June 5 10am-1pm Team Check-in, Setup, and Test
1pm-5pm Jr. Sumo and nVn Sumo finals
BTOS & VCC Competition
BIOLOID Hexapod Sumo Demonstrations (1:30pm)
schedule (pdf)
5pm-6pm IGVC Award Ceremony
6pm- Pizza Party
Mon, June 6 9am-10am BTOS Game and Vision Centric Challenge Demo for VIPs

Introduction to Robofest for prospective Site Hosts, coaches, and teams for the General Public:

How to register teams

2011 Competition Rules and Number of Teams Invited (first come, first serve)

Things to bring for Teams

LTU Robofest & TARDEC will prepare the following:

Notes to BTOS  teams

Notes to Vision Centric Challenge teams

Notes to Teams and Spectators


Questions? please email to Jerri Ureel at
[email protected]