Robofest 2008 Team Photo Winners

Here are the top fifteen team photos selected by our judges. Each team's photos were evaluated for their use of themes like team spirit, humor, professionalism, unity, harmony, and uniqueness.

In addition to the above, these guidelines are used to rate team photos:

—the Robofest 2008 team photo judge

On with the show!

To view the winning photos click on the thumbnails below. Photos are arranged in the order of the team numbers.

Team 118-1
Poison Ivy
Whitmore Lake Middle School
Junior Sumo

Team 218-1
Pure Genius Ink
Canton Charter Academy
Junior Exhibition

Team 336-1
teh uber l33t n00b pwners
Senior Game

Team 348-1
Intelligent Design Robotics
Junior Game

Team 359-1
Austin Area Homeschoolers
Senior Game

Team 421-1
Dong-Jak Center, KOREA
Junior Game

Team 430-1
The Three (out)Laws of Robotics
Newark Area Youth Robotics
Senior Pentathlon

Team 442-4
E. J. D. Destroyers
Dossin Elementary / BOTECH CORPORAT
Junior Sumo

Team 471-1
Senior Game

Team 548-1
Junior Jedi
Ancora Imparo Academy
Junior Exhibition

Team 627-1
Creations of the Mind
Amazing Creations Etc. (ACE)
Fashion Show

Team 658-1
Homeschool Friends
Junior Game

Team 692-1
Levey Jaguar
Levey Middle School
Junior Sumo

Team 698-1
Virtuoso Village
Fashion Show

Team 714-2
Beauty Queens
Emerson Elementary School
Junior Sumo