World Robofest 2008 Championship Schedule (Tentative)



Main Gymnasium in the Field House

(2nd Floor Running Track is for coaches and spectators)

Buell Management Bld.


Buell Management Bld.

LTU cafeteria

Time Cat.

RoboSavers Game


Fashion Show

Mini Urban Challenge

Sr. Exhibition

Bridge Battle

VEX Pentathlon

Jr. Exhibition

7:30 am

Doors Open and Team Check-In Begins in the Field House

team members may setup tables in the atrium at this time

8:35 am

Coach Meetings by Chief Judges in the Field House

(Game: Mr. Tejas Chhaya), (Sumo: Prof. Keith Bozin), (Fashion Show: Dr. Maryam Roshanaei), (Mini Urban: Mr. Gary Givental)

Exhibition coach meeting by Chief Exhibition Judge

Bridge Battle and Pentathlon Coach Meeting – Ms. Betsy Lamb

8:45 am


Judge Meetings by Chief Judges in the Field House

(Game: Mr. Tejas Chhaya), (Sumo: Prof. Keith Bozin), (Fashion Show: Dr. Maryam Roshanaei), (Mini Urban: Mr. Gary Givental), (Exhibition: ?)

Judge Meetings – Ms. Betsy Lamb

9:00 am

Opening Ceremonies – Emcee:  Bill Drummond, Lead Producer, LTU On-Line, Multimedia/e-learning Specialist

National Anthem -  Jacqueline Wellington, LTU Graduate Student


Welcome Remarks – Dr. Lewis Walker, President, LTU


Introduction of VIPs and Judges; Announcements -    Emcee

All Judges must attend the Opening Ceremonies in the Field House.

Coaches and team members are encouraged to attend the opening ceremony in the Field House.

9:30 am




Unveiling of Unknown Mission














9:45 am

Written Test


Written Test

Written Test

10:00 am

1st Round Game Begins

Double elimination matches begin, except the final for each division. Competitions will occur in parallel

Robots will perform when free time occurs.  Only one chance is given for each team.



1st run for each team

Official Exhibition Judging I

Official Exhibition Judging I


Lunch Break

12:45 pm



2nd Round Game Begins



2nd and 3rd runs

Official Exhibition Judging II



Official Exhibition Judging II

2:45 pm

Judges meeting



Judges meeting

3:00 pm

Judges meeting

Teams must move to the Field House

3:10 pm

Bleacher setup and floor cleanup

3:20 pm

Junior Sumo Final match in the gym

3:25 pm

Senior Sumo Final match in the gym

3:30 pm

Distribution of individual trophy bags to coaches

Award of Individual Trophies by Coaches

3:40 pm

Group Photo – Students, Coaches & Team Volunteers

Group Photo – All World Robofest Volunteers and Judges

3:50 pm

Marching Band Performance – Detroit Arts and Sciences Academy located at the old LTU campus  in Highland Park; Band Director – Nigel Foster

4:00 pm

Special Award Presentations and Closing Ceremony  – Dr. Lewis Walker,  President, Lawrence Technological University

Awards of Appreciation

5 Year Coach Awards

Sponsor Awards

4:15 pm

Final Trophy Presentations

4:45 pm

Selected Demonstrations of Winners

5:00 pm

End of the Program