Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Robofest Site Hosting



What is the cost to host a Robofest Contest?   Robofest will send you almost everything you need directly related to the contest. We will send trophies, medals, frames & certificates, signs, name tags, t-shirts for site volunteers, and even a small gift for all of your volunteers. We will ship parts of playing field materials to you as well. (To help save on the cost of shipping, we ask site hosts to purchase the balance of playing field materials that are needed for your site. Just send us the receipts and we will reimburse you for the playing field material expenses). If you do not have tables and chairs at your facility, you will have to rent them and we are not able to reimburse rental fees. We know that volunteer time for you and your staff is priceless. Beyond the above expenses, the cost is basically nothing. You will be in the black.


Is there any revenue received as a Site Host?  You will have income sources. You may have your own site sponsors. We will develop a webpage for your contest site with your site sponsor logos. You may have a concession stand to sell food and beverages. You can also have the opportunity to sell Robofest promotional items such as t-shirts, gifts, etc. if you are interested. Another source of income is a $20 registration fee that each site may charge teams at check-in. This check-in fee is optional for each site.


What Types of Facility do I need for a Site?   We suggest a facility such as a gym. You may also use a large multipurpose room such as a cafeteria or banquet room if it has consistent lighting. (Rooms with large skylights or uncovered window are not recommended as the direct sun light can affect robot performance.) The room must be large enough to accommodate a table for each team, official playing fields, practice playing fields, exhibition area, judging tables, and audience seating. We will limit the number of teams at your site based on your facility size. Gyms work the best because you can utilize the in-house sound system and scoreboard for timing the games. Some locations may need to rent tables and chairs, we suggest 6ft or 8ft tables, but you may use round banquet tables, whatever you have available. (Sorry, we are unable to reimburse for the rental of tables.) LTU will provide you with a suggested floor plan diagram to help you plan your event. A copy of the Robofest 2007 floor plan can be found at, for your information.


What are the Days and Times of Robofest Contests?  We would suggest all United States contests to take place in March or early April 2008. Plan for your contest to run 4.5 hours. You can run a Friday evening contest; we suggest 5:00 9:00 p.m.; a Saturday morning or afternoon contest, or a Sunday afternoon contest. A sample competition schedule in 2007 can be found at . International sites may have earlier dates to accommodate visa requirements to travel to the US for the World Robofest Championships, held April 26, 2008.


Who will compete at our Contest Site? If you expect at least 5 teams at your site, you are qualified to become a host. As the site host, you can select the number of teams, age divisions, and categories that you would like to host. Robofest offers 8 categories/divisions as you can find in the host application form. We recommend selecting around 1 ~ 3 categories/divisions in order to complete the whole event in 4 hours. We will work with you to identify the right number of teams for your location. Robofest Teams select their own contest site when they register on-line on the Robofest website. Robofest will work to promote your site location and send mailings to schools in your area. You will receive a password that will give you access to the team registration information for your site. You will have the ability to view team information and send teams registered at your site e-mail messages pertinent to your contest site.


How many Volunteers do I need for my Site?  Robofest will work with you to identify how many volunteers you need for your contest site to run smoothly. The number of volunteers needed is dependent on the types of divisions and number of teams that you choose to host at your site. Robofest has an on-line volunteer registration system that will identify the number of volunteers needed at your site and provide you with a job description for each volunteer. Volunteers can go to the registration system and enter their own information. As the Site Host, you will receive administrator privileges to use the volunteer registration system to send all of your volunteers e-mails as well as view volunteer information.


How do I Train Robofest Judges?  Robofest will offer Judges training through on-line animations of the game competition, through a webcast for judges, video-conference, and streaming video. Robofest also has a warm up competition for Judges who can travel to LTU to judge practice rounds.


Do I need a DJ for my Site? We prefer that you use an in-house sound system and do not hire a DJ. We have found that the music can be distracting to teams while they are solving problems. We ask each site to have an Emcee that presides over the event and makes the major announcements to teams and the audience.


Do I Need to Prepare a Printed Program for my Site?  We ask site hosts to prepare an on-site printed program for the day of the contest. This program identifies your site sponsor, Robofest sponsors, and the teams participating at your site. This program can be created as a word document and run on your photocopier. We will supply you with a template file with the team information and Robofest sponsor logos. A sample program from a warm-up competition 2007 can be found at


What is the Robofest Exhibition?  The Exhibition is an opportunity for students to demonstrate any type of robotics project.  Robots can dance, play the piano, make hamburgers, play soccer, etc.  We encourage full creativity. 


Is there a Check-List for Site Host Requirements? Yes, we will send you one for 2008 hosts. As an example, the Robofest 2007 Site Host checklist fore event logistics planning can be found at