MET 5263 Autonomous Robotics for Education 1 (*)




Class runs from Tuesday, Sep. 11 to Tuesday, Dec. 11.


·         Tue: 7:10pm-9:05pm (On campus)

·         Thu: 7:10pm (Online, 2 hours of work)


Course Description

Introduces concepts involved in autonomous robotics and how to use robotics education technology to teach mathematics, physics, science, and computer programming. Provides hands-on experience in designing and constructing mobile robots using robotic kits such as Lego® NXTTM. Icon-based visual programming languages are introduced to program autonomous robots with various sensors and actuators. Discusses issues, guidelines, and methodologies of introducing robotics in grade school classes.


10% introduction to robotics and technology education

30% Topics in math and physics; Lego construction

60% Programming Languages and tools


Instructor: Maurice Tedder, M.S.C.S.


Prerequisite(s): None (Permission of course instructor, if student outside MET program)


LEGO NXT kits and software required to purchase


·         Software: NXTG version 1.1 (Released in Aug, 2007)

·         NXT Kit

-        Lego Education version: (software sold separately)

-        Retail version: (software included)



·         MET program related questions: Dr. V. Tobos, [email protected] (248-204-3617)

·         Robotics Education in general: Dr. CJ Chung, [email protected] (248-204-3504)

·         Course specific questions: Prof. Maurice Tedder, [email protected]




(*) This is a course in Lawrence Technological University’s MET (Master of Educational Technology) program. Any current LTU student or anyone with Bachelor’s degree can take this class with the permission of course instructor.