Robofest 2006


Rule and Game Rule Updates




The official Robofest 2006 Rules (12-21-05 v1.3.1 official version) and Game Competition Challenge: “Toxic Waste Cleanup” (Jan. 4, 2006 v1.3 Official Version) is frozen.


Any changes and revisions will be in this document.


This was updated on March. 23, 2006


Rule Updates


·         Time duration for Team Introduction both for Game and Exhibition teams on Page 4 and Page 8: the time given is 5 seconds multiplied by number of team members + 5 seconds. For example, if 4 team members, 5 sec. x 4 + 5 = 25 seconds will be given. During the team introduction the following is expected.

o        Team name and ID

o        Team organization

o        Each member’s name and role




Game “Toxic Waste Cleanup” Rule Updates


·         You cannot use a sensor that is emitting visible light stronger than that of LEGO light sensor.

·         Robots cannot leave (drop off, throw) any object on the playing field.

·         MuscleBot’s length can be changed to any size after leaving the home base.

·         Location of the dotted box on the diagram in figure 1 is unknown.

·         The weight of a gate bar will be between 120g and 170g (4.23oz ~ 6oz). It is strongly recommended to wash hands after touching the gate bar made of pressured-treated wood.

·         MuscleBot must stay on the 2nd board in order to get (partial) points for the mission no. 3, Drop gate bar off the 2nd board.

·         5 extra points will be given when absolutely no human help was given during the entire of a game. (Old rule: if a restart is perfect, then the extra point can be awarded)

·         2 flash extra points will be given to a team which gets the perfect score including unknown missions for the first time. 1 flash extra point will be given to a team which gets the perfect score for the 2nd time.

·         Senior Division Hint: the size of gaps will be the same. The rest are unknown. See also FAQ Q9.

·         The transparent packaging tape (2” width) will be used only for the toxic area, not for the home base – bridge and bridge – toxic area.


Game “Toxic Waste Cleanup” Rule Clarifications


·         Two robots should not work in parallel. Missions cannot be achieved in parallel by two robots at the same time. If a robot is working, then the other robot must be staying at the home base.

·         It is OK, actually recommended, for a team player to turn off the MuscleBot after two seconds when it came back to the home base.

·         Figure 2 on page 4 shows aluminum foil on the pillars, which is wrong. There is no aluminum foil on the pillars as shown in the following photo.




Game “Toxic Waste Cleanup” Rule FAQ


Q1: Can we use non LEGO sensors? Yes, in general. See the above Rule Updates.


Q2: Can we use active senor multiplexers for MINDSTORMS?Yes


Q3: Can we use additional batteries? - Yes


Q4: What if CleanupBot starts to move, when MuscleBot is still working? – This means the failure of automatic start of the CleanupBot. The team may restart from the very beginning; or the team may start CleanupBot manually.


Q5. What is the purpose of 20”x30” black foam board? A team member need hold and move the board during a match so that it remains behind the bottle while the robot is "looking" at a bottle. This is needed because robots in other playing fields may emit strong invisible IR light.


Q6: The gate bar was left on the board but MuscleBot started successfully. Can we remove the bar by hand?Yes, you must. There is no additional penalty.


Q7. Can we use heterogeneous robots? For example, VEX for MuscleBot and LEGO for CleanupBot.Yes


Q8. Can my robot go backward?yes.


Q9. Must senior division robots follow the dashed line? – Not necessarily. You could follow edge of the board, for example.


Q10. Can human player touch MuscleBot to send mail (IR or RF message) to CleanupBot to start manually? – Yes. In this case 2 points are awarded, because it is a manual start.