Robofest Summer Camps

This year�s Robofest summer camps are preparing for (tentatively) November 18th 2006�s LTU Thanksgiving RoboParadeTM which may be recorded as the first autonomous Robot Thanksgiving Parade in the human history.


It will be a fun and motivating event to promote cooperation, harmony and creativity. The one day camp will be held at Lawrence Technological University as outlined in the following schedule.



June 19


LEGO RCX with RCX code programming

5th � 9th grades



July 10


LEGO RCX with RCX code or Robolab programming

5th � 9th grades



July 13


LEGO RCX with NQC or RCX code

5th � 12th grades



Aug 24



12 and up




         Constructing Drive train (robot vehicle)

         Reliable line following algorithms

         Detecting the vehicle in front and stopping

         Re-starting when the vehicle in front is cleared

         Sensing various landmarks and reacting to them accordingly

         Practice parade at the end of the camp


Each team is supposed to bring the following (if not, please let us know in advance. We will prepare for you):

         LEGO RCX (or NXT on Aug 24) brick as well as additional materials for making your RoboParade vehicle and float


         Ideas to show for the parade


Registration fee per team

         $40 + $10 x number of team members (Minimum 1 member, Maximum 4 members per team). If your team brings all the items above, then you will get $10 discount.

         Lunch (pizza and pop, maybe nachos) will be provided.


Any competition is tense, because only a few teams win. This RoboParadeTM is a new format where everyone is really a winner. In order to register for this camp, please send an email to [email protected].



last updated 7-25-06