2005 Sponsors

Gold Sponsor

MPC Computers, LLC, provides award-winning computer products and services to its target markets of mid-sized businesses, government agencies, and education organizations. MPC's mission is to provide its customers with a superior level of service and support in addition to its high-quality PC products. MPC, headquartered in Nampa, Idaho, is held by Gores Technology Group, an international acquisition and management company. More information about the company can be found at www.mpccorp.com.
HanulKid Co., Ltd. is an education-oriented firm that specializes in the production of scientific & educational materials and courses. HanulKid strives to give children a dream that reaches up to sky. HanulKid develops game and robot kits as well as education contents and learning materials. HanulKid has been the industry leader in the game and robot education industry for the past five years.
Their main products, I-ROBO educational Robot Kits are unique education tools. While students play with robot kits, they naturally learn science. It is called 'edutainment'; a new word made from education and entertainment. Edutainment is a different style of teaching method. Edutainment helps students to develop their own creative and logical thinking skills. While solving problems and discussing matters, students make their own robot kits. This hands-on education gives students fun and achievement. With HanulKid's continued research & development, they plan to make further efforts to continue as a top rated robot education firm while activating education markets and developing unique contents around the globe.

Bronze Sponsors

Based in Royal Oak, MI, RIIS LLC have been providing expert telecommunications software development for local ILECs in the Detroit Metro area for the past 5 years. RIIS LLC also provides Rational Software consultancy as well as many other IT services to a variety of companies in Michigan and Ohio. www.riis.com

ABB is one of the world's leading manufacturer of robots and robotic systems. Their automotive systems can be found in all areas of automotive manufacturing: Automotive components, Powertrain, Press Shop, Body-in-White, Paint Shop and Trim & Final Assembly. ABB supplies a broad range of systems to the General and Consumer Industries for welding, coating, dispensing, picking, packing, palletizing, material removal and material handling. To find more about ABB robotics, go to www.abb.com/robotics

The Southeastern Michigan Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) includes nine counties in southeast Michigan, and Essex county in Ontario Canada. IEEE/SEM has grown from 2,200 members in 1963 to nearly 4,000 members today and has student branches at 10 universities in the region. The section has twelve chapters which represent 15 IEEE technical societies. IEEE-SEM

Region 4 serves IEEE Members in all or parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin USA and Windsor Area Canada. IEEE Region 4

As the world's third largest automotive supplier, DENSO produces advanced technology, systems and components that maximize vehicle safety and minimize the environmental impact of automobiles. DENSO currently holds the No.1 global share in 18 automotive product categories including HVAC units, fuel pumps, power window motors, starters, alternators and compressors. Headquartered in Japan, DENSO operates in 31 countries with more than 95,000 employees. Through the strong support of its customers, DENSO has achieved steady sales growth. Global consolidated sales totaled $24.2 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2004. Visit us at densocorp-na.com

Friends of Robofest

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology provides leadership, mentoring, community outreach, professional development and networking to professional women within the Michigan technology community. The organization is committed the open sharing of ideas among peers. Further, the organization fosters growth and continued development for tomorrow's technology leaders. The organization will offer compelling programs, opportunities for relationship-building, and outreach initiatives. The group's long terms goals include the provision of financial and organizational support to Michigan's educational institutions, to foster the growth and profile of women in technology fields.



LEGO Education North America is a joint venture between Pitsco, Inc. and the educational division of the LEGO Group.

Individual Donors

     Mr./Mrs. C. Chung, Mr./Mrs. D. Howie, and Mr./Mrs. S. Ragan