Rules for RoboTag

Mission Objectives

Game Rules

(Fig. 1) Initial position

(Fig. 2) Initial position and how to build the playing field

(Fig. 3) Tagger's initial position

Constructing and Programming

(Fig. 4) Battery holder, battery, battery snap connector, threaded base lamp holder and lamp

(Fig. 5) The lamp set

(Fig. 6) The height of the lamp

Constructing Playing Field


A similar experiment but using random strategy was done by Matthew Miller. For more information please visit at Rory Savageau at Lawrence Technological University/Veraldi Center for Educational Technology suggested this idea in September, 1999, and Dr. Chan-Jin Chung implemented the idea as a head-to-head game for Lego MindStorms robots in December, 1999. Stay tuned for next year's Robo Firefighter Tag! The tagger is armed with a motorized fan to extinguish a candle light on the taggee!

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