2000 Sponsors

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

US savings bond as prizes: $375 x 4 categories = $1,500
10 Lego Mindstorms Kits for Schools in the city of Detroit: $200 x 10 = $2,000
Their valuable time to work with local schools!

Lawrence Tech Mathematics and Computer Science Department
about $4,000 to prepare this event such as buying 14 robot kits and extra parts.

College of Arts and Sciences at Lawrence Tech.
$500 emergency and extra expenses.

Jason Morris Fund was used to seed autonomous robotics research at LTU.

Friends of Robofest Individual Donors

Mr./Mrs. C. Chung

In-kind gift

AutoDesk Inc. donated 4 sets of AutoCAD software worth $1816.00 as prizes for the competition.
Admissions Office at Lawrence Tech. is funding $3,000 as scholarships to LTU.
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