Rules for RoboFirefighter

Mission Objectives

To build the fastest autonomous robot that will locate a fire (candlelight) and extinguish it while following an unknown arbitrary path (made of white bookshelves and black line on the surface), detect the end of the path, and return back to home.

Game Rules Constructing and Programming

(Fig. 1) An expample of a fan

Constructing Playing Field

(Fig. 2) A candle holder and its location

(Fig. 3) The location of the candleholder at a clockwise corner

(Fig. 4) The location of the candleholder at a counterclockwise corner


The Robo Firefighter Race was created by Dr. Chan-Jin Chung at Lawrence Technological University in December, 1999. You may use the same game rules for your events, but acknowledgement to the inventor of the game is requested. A similar Firefighting robot contest using a maze was started by Jake Mendelssohn at Trinity College. For more information, please visit

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